So I put up a review of a book called Urban Shaman yesterday, but I’ve had to take it down because I’m using it for a school thing and I can’t have it online until I hand that in. It’s a bit annoying, mostly because I was only told this just today, about the same time I took it down, but it isn’t really a big deal. The post will be back up by the end of the week. Hope no one minds.

Mirror’s Edge – A brilliant mess of a game

I just finished yet another playthrough of Mirror’s Edge, probably the twentieth time I’ve played through it. I just watched this year’s E3 video and I figured I would talk about why this is one of my favourite games, despite it never being all that popular (at least as far as I know). This’ll probably sound cheesy, but I think it comes down to heart, in the metaphorical sense. I think one of the reasons I like the game so much is about the same reason I like portal so much, because it seems to be doing exactly what it wants to be doing, if you know what I mean.

I think that the reason it isn’t as popular as it seems to me it should be is that it doesn’t seem to work quite as well as it wants to. What I mean by that is that while the whole running thing is a really cool notion, it doesn’t work quite perfectly. One of the reasons I love to replay the game is because in a lot of places (anywhere outside usually) the way you get where you are going can be almost endlessly varied, but then it sort of falls apart when you get to your destination and there is only really one way to go.

Having literally just finished the game the first example that comes to mind is the inside of the Shard, which is very close to linear. During the couple of fights, admittedly, there is quite a lot of range, but when you are getting from place to place there is only one way. Now it isn’t so unreasonable to assume that the maintenance routes inside a building aren’t sprawling open ended maps, but they are also likely not only traversable by some sort of superpowered respawning daredevil. Sure I wouldn’t use them if there were open, but I feel like that the maintenance tunnels or whatever should be more open to the boring way of getting around. Mostly I think this because when my computer is lagging like fuck and I just keep dying because the game doesn’t want to tell me which ledges I can grab onto, or just won’t grab onto them, I find that I’d rather just take the stairs, you know?

But there are some incredibly fun parts when you are running and climbing all over the rooftops getting from place to place, I tended to quite like it even when I was doing this all by myself, with very little sense of urgency, just because I can explore, and look for the fucking bags, which I haven’t even found all of yet.

Even though I love the game I have no qualms about admitting that even the gameplay doesn’t quite work. When my computer wasn’t being a bitch and everything worked as it should have, there were still a couple of problems, most notably, in my mind, being the roll you can do when you drop a fair distance. If you don’t roll you land heavily and pause, sure, reasonable, but when you do roll, you still pause before you get back to the running. The whole point of the roll being that it lets you get back into the flow means that the mechanic is not doing what it should.

There are a fair number of nitpicks to be made on the game (the one I always notice being that faith’s tattoo is different in the cutscenes to in gameplay), but I still really enjoy it and I certainly am excited for the release of the sequel, which is a prequel, I think. I don’t really know. But from the most recent video, interspersed as it is with accented people speaking in buzz-talk, it looks like a great deal of effort has been put into making the movement much more dynamic.

If you haven’t played the game, you should, if you have played it and didn’t like it, you should try it again, and if you played it and like it, then I don’t really have instructions for you.

Cuckoo – what an amazingly boring urban fantasy… what do you mean it’s realism?

Last week in a class we watched the pilot of a show called Cuckoo, which I took exception to. It’s a British show, which has actually been going a whole season (how this happens is beyond me) about a fairly regular, but not conservative, British couple whose daughter comes back from a gap year of travelling and has gotten married to the least believable being to ever exist, apparently. The only reason I watched more than five minutes of this shit was because I had to do it in class.

Cuckoo, whose real name was not retained by my mind, is some sort of super-hippy-new-age-bullshit-fountain or something. Not only that but he is ridiculously self-centred and oblivious to even the notion of propriety, but he is one of those idiots who thinks he’s a genius. The married couple move in with the girl’s parents and the girl decides that she isn’t going to go to the awesome and prestigious university she got into and instead will attend a local one and work to support Cuckoo, who apparently refuses to ever do anything but be a massive tool.

The biggest problem, without argument, with the show, or at least the pilot which we had to sit through, is exactly how far disbelief seems to have to be suspended. Sure a drugged up eighteen/nineteen year old girl isn’t really to be expected to notice that the dude she got married to while high as fuck in the middle of nowhere is actually a massive tool, but her parent’s surely would have. The main thrust of the show, which is theoretically comedy, is that apparently only the father notices what a ridiculous tool Cuckoo is.

For the majority of the pilot I was convinced that the premise included magic, as in Cuckoo had some sort of magic that made women like him. The complete ridiculousness of the character coupled with the tonally inappropriate opening theme did not make it a stretch to assume that the show’s name being Cuckoo means that it is about the notion of a Cuckoo (as in the bird which leaves its eggs in someone else’s nests). If you have an interest in this show, abandon it.

Guardians of the Galaxy Rant – why reading comics and watching the films isn’t always good

Originally this was part of the review, so apologies if I cover something I’ve already said (though not serious apologies because I am making mostly the same points).

Alright, so some of the problems I had with the Guardians of the Galaxy movie are somewhat related to only having ever read Marvel Cosmic comics, specifically the Annihilation event and all the stuff leading up to it (I’m also partway through Annihilation Conquest, so that won’t come up so much). The thing is that this was the first Marvel movie where I had an investment in the comic continuity (Annihilation apparently leads to the formation of the current Guardians of the Galaxy in the comics).

I’ll start with the differences that I didn’t mind. First being that when you meet Peter Quill in the comics, people ask if he was Starlord and he tells them that he killed Starlord. I have no issue with this character difference for two reasons. First being that the movie’s Peter Quill is awesome and cool and great and such. Second being that they are new characters and part of the point of the movie Starlord is that no one knows him yet.

Rocket and Groot don’t turn up in Annihilation so I don’t know if they made the trip unscathed. They are also awesome and, I don’t know if this is a spoiler since it isn’t in the film, apparently the reason that Rocket replies to Groot as if he were speaking is that mostly Groot makes noises that humans can’t hear but Rocket can.

One of the things that bothered me was Drax the Destroyer, who is admittedly one note anyway, and his motivation. Drax in the comics was literally created to kill Thanos, who killed his daughter, and so it bothered me a bit when that motivation was just tacked on at the end so that Thanos would continue to be in the next film. Ronan the accuser would be an enemy of Drax in the comic also considering the reason Drax is called the Destroyer. I didn’t mind the change until Drax, arbitrarily it seemed, transferred his nemesis to Thanos.

And then we come to the thing that annoys me the vary most, for numerous reasons, which was Gamora. Whose character in the film barely seems to exist. Her character flits back and forth between different plot conveniences and morals. I mentioned in the review my dislike for the handling of this character, but not why the character mattered to me at all. Since the character in the film is barely there (I barely noticed her most of the time except when I thought about it later) surely there’s no investment for rage. But I’ve read some comics about her, or at least with her in them. One of the first things you learn about Gamora, other than that apparently being a warrior does not necessitate clothes (because comics) is that she is known as the most dangerous woman in the galaxy (which is actually a fairly high bar in Marvel Comics), and rightly so. Without many apparent superpowers she fights Ronan the Accuser to a near standstill (their fight is aborted by circumstance). She is fucking awesome, and then in the movie she just isn’t. Pisses me off, especially considering the Marvel movies’ track record with female characters (basically being few but all convincing as people and mostly fairly awesome), like maybe someone decided they had enough awesome female characters, one was enough, so they didn’t need more regardless of the source material.

I’ll admit to not having read much about any of the characters, but what I know of them made the movie very aggravating for me.

I feel better now, less ranting on the next review I expect.

Guardians of the Galaxy review – So awesome you almost don’t notice the problems

So I saw Guardians of the Galaxy last night with a friend of mine who is well into Marvel cosmic stuff and it was mostly awesome. I don’t like ratings so I don’t have one for it. But definitely see it if you haven’t already. If you are into action, comedy, sci-fi or Marvel films or comics you should definitely see it.

It is awesome, the effects are great, characters believable, mostly (I’ll get to that), and the group dynamic is well done and hilarious and whatever.

The story is of Peter Quill (played by Chris Pratt), who calls himself Starlord, who is some sort of criminal, apparently an artifact hunter. He is arrested when he rips off his boss, keeping the artifact he was collecting, and ends up having a rather ostentatious fight with a pair of bounty hunters, Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) and Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel), and an assassin/henchman of Ronan the Accuser, who is the main antagonist, named Gamora (played by Zoe Saldana). They are all imprisoned in the Kiln (which is some sort of super prison) where they meet Drax the Destroyer (played by Dave Bautista), who is some sort of alien super soldier with a grudge against Ronan (which is an issue that I’ll get to). The five of them plot to escape and sell the artifact that Starlord found for a great deal more money than originally intended.

But when it turns out that the artifact contains an infinity stone (think the aether or the tesseract in Thor and the Avengers) they decide, with some reticence, that they need to keep it out of the wrong hands and protect the galaxy.

The next bit may venture into spoilers, so consider this fair warning.

So here we get to the problems that the movie has, largely minor problems, but not all. First and least being tonally. For the most part the movie, and characters, do not take the proceedings seriously at all, up the point where they joke about what may be coming. And then suddenly they are all serious and resolute, the catalyst for which is actually not too bad, but it sort of comes across as out of character, especially for Starlord, who has taken nothing serious except money up to that point.

Next would be Drax the Destroyer. Dave Bautista does a brilliant job of portraying the version of Drax that has been put into this film, a fairly simple man with no grasp of sarcasm or metaphor and a completely literal mind. The problem with the character is that throughout the movie, from just about the moment you first meet him, he talks about how very much he wants to kill Ronan and how Ronan is is greatest enemy and whatnot, which is fine because it gives him a reason to be there. But then they kill Ronan and he, almost arbitrarily it seems, switches his enmity to Thanos.

Last, and most annoying for me (for reasons I will get into in a later post), is Gamora. Gamora comes across as totally awesome and badass for about ten minutes, then she fluctuates wildly between love interest, expository device, tortured soul, and the apparently obligatory character with good motivations. From about the point where she properly enters the story and the team is formed, she seems to have just about no character of her own, she just fits into whatever character roles are missing from the rest of the team. The biggest problem with this being the, not entirely unexplained, transition from ruthless assassin to single person with selfless motivation.

Overall, which I kind of covered already, the movie is awesome and to be honest I mostly didn’t notice all these problems while I was watching it (probably because I was distracted by Chris Pratt being so awesome). Definitely worth seeing for the two reasons I like having seen it. It was totally awesome, and it gave me something to rant about (which will be my next post).

Maybe some actual content at last?

So I’ll admit that I am not regular with this, you all would probably admit it if people read my blog anymore. So I have devised a plan so that I will actually post more regularly like. I’m going to do reviews of stuff and post them here. I just have this strong desire to write reviews, you know? The first one will probably be in the next couple of days (I just watched guardians of the galaxy). To be clear, I’m not going to only post reviews, but they will probably happen fairly regular like.

The one true religion

So I am on the train, right this second in fact, on my way into the city and something occurred to me.

There are all kinds of religions and shit oit there and generally where and to who you are born dictates your religion (not always I know). So I am on the train and it turna out that there is a football game tonight (Australian rules) and it occured to me that it is an impressive display of religion.

I’m watching all these families getting on the train in their football colours and of course families all worship the same god (again I know this isn’t always so) and it shows. All these families getting on the train wearing the aame colours, even small children who probably don’t care about the teams at all eear the colours.

So religious parents teaching their children who to worship?

I know it isn’t a new idea, but it just occured to me watching all these people going to the game.

Again? Again.

I have this mild fear that this page will devolve into me apologizing every couple of weeks or so, but hopefully that is not what happens. I found out earlier this week that I have three assignments due next week, so I won’t be able to update until next thursday or so. I have been busy with school, which I feel shouldn’t be as surprising as it it, so as soon as I am less busy I will actually start posting some stuff. I would promise but I think it is probably evident by now to anyone who cares that my word is not very trustworthy.

I know what I said

I have this feeling that no one really cares, but I said I would do it and did not. I have been pretty busy the last week, studying for various things, mostly a test I had yesterday and some tests I have next week. But as soon as I get to it I will start posting some of my exercises. Probably later this week, maybe tomorrow, but I am busy most of today.

Out of story

I have run out of the story that I have been posting and I may not continue working on it for a while, though obviously I have no concrete plans yet. If anyone wants to read more then please tell me, I have to pick something to work on for my novel writing class and I have not picked yet.

For the foreseeable future I will not be posting anything lengthy. For the moment I will be posting the shorts I am working on for school along with the briefs that they are generated from.

Just thought I would let you know,  in case anyone is interested.


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