The one true religion

So I am on the train, right this second in fact, on my way into the city and something occurred to me.

There are all kinds of religions and shit oit there and generally where and to who you are born dictates your religion (not always I know). So I am on the train and it turna out that there is a football game tonight (Australian rules) and it occured to me that it is an impressive display of religion.

I’m watching all these families getting on the train in their football colours and of course families all worship the same god (again I know this isn’t always so) and it shows. All these families getting on the train wearing the aame colours, even small children who probably don’t care about the teams at all eear the colours.

So religious parents teaching their children who to worship?

I know it isn’t a new idea, but it just occured to me watching all these people going to the game.

Again? Again.

I have this mild fear that this page will devolve into me apologizing every couple of weeks or so, but hopefully that is not what happens. I found out earlier this week that I have three assignments due next week, so I won’t be able to update until next thursday or so. I have been busy with school, which I feel shouldn’t be as surprising as it it, so as soon as I am less busy I will actually start posting some stuff. I would promise but I think it is probably evident by now to anyone who cares that my word is not very trustworthy.

I know what I said

I have this feeling that no one really cares, but I said I would do it and did not. I have been pretty busy the last week, studying for various things, mostly a test I had yesterday and some tests I have next week. But as soon as I get to it I will start posting some of my exercises. Probably later this week, maybe tomorrow, but I am busy most of today.

Out of story

I have run out of the story that I have been posting and I may not continue working on it for a while, though obviously I have no concrete plans yet. If anyone wants to read more then please tell me, I have to pick something to work on for my novel writing class and I have not picked yet.

For the foreseeable future I will not be posting anything lengthy. For the moment I will be posting the shorts I am working on for school along with the briefs that they are generated from.

Just thought I would let you know,  in case anyone is interested.

Doesn’t Have A Title Yet: Part 10

She looked like she was expecting me to say more. “You didn’t like it?”

“I didn’t… not like it.” I struggled to describe my opinion and then I realised. “I don’t have an opinion on it. It happened and it surprised me.”

Karla looked surprised herself and I knew that it was weird that I didn’t have an opinion. “I don’t know what to tell you,” she admitted, “if you’d enjoyed it then I’d suggest you do it some more, if you hadn’t then I’d say you have your answer. Neither? Makes it a little harder.”

“When you’re doing an experiment you have to do it more than once,” I said, “should I try again and see if I like it more?”

She smiled like I had made a joke. “I understand your intent, but I would advise against it, you see…” she stopped and thought about it. Obviously I didn’t see. “If I had to guess, Marie likes you a lot, and if you were to kiss her she would think that you felt the same way. If you decide that you don’t like kissing her then, even if you didn’t mean to, you will have gotten her hopes up only to crush them.”

“What should I do?” I asked. She appeared to know what she was talking about.

“Not a clue.” She shrugged and smiled like it was funny. “I’ve never been in a comparable position. What do you want to do?”

That was the second time in my life I had ever been asked that question, the first time had been when they were trying to decide what to do with me when my parents died. All the options had been given me and Francesca had smiled and asked what I wanted to do. It was partly for that reason I had decided to come to this place.

What did I want? I liked Marie, liked her more than anyone else I’d ever met, though it was a very low bar. But what did I know about being in any sort of relationship? I didn’t know anything about it, of course there was one sure way to learn.

“I want to be a normal person,” I said eventually, “I want to do normal things.”

“You’re what, fourteen?” she grinned. “The normal thing to do would be to agonise about it for weeks and then throw caution to the wind.”

“Hmm.” I pulled my knees up under my chin. “I think I’ve got the agonising down.”

She smiled. “Next comes throwing caution to the wind.” She paused a moment. “That would probably be very helpful for you.”

For a moment I wondered what she meant by that, but it was pretty obvious. My problem was caution, I had always had be cautious about everything I did and said. I didn’t anymore but the habit stayed with me.

I nodded.

“That’s probably enough for this week.” She said, checking her watch. “There’s still about another twenty minutes if you want to talk about anything else.”

There might have been some other things I should have talked about, but there wasn’t anything I wanted to talk about. “Nothing.”

“Maybe you should go talk to Marie?”

“I’ll go do that now.” I stood purposefully then paused.

“Best to do it before you lose your nerve.” She smiled. “I’ll see you next week.”

I nodded and decided that she was right, best to do it right away.

There wasn’t anyone in the twins’ bedroom when I got there, they were both downstairs, eating breakfast. For once Marie was sitting with her sister, who was sitting with her friends, though she didn’t look any happier than she had when sitting by herself.

I approached them, cleared my throat, and impersonated a fish for a few seconds. I opened my mouth, noticed everyone staring at me, closed it again, opened my mouth, realised I didn’t know what to say, closed it again.

With a deep breath I tried again. “Marie,” I choked, “I need to talk to you.”

Everyone was surprised, justifiably, but none more than Vivian, whose response I attributed to mind reading, as the reason I needed to talk to Marie was lodged firmly in my thoughts. I needed to speak with the girl, and her sister knew why.

Marie nodded wordlessly and followed me, leaving her mostly untouched breakfast behind, to an empty table in a far corner of the hall. We sat down across from one another and both started to speak at the same time, we both stopped at the same time and gestured for the other to go first.

“I’ll go first.” She decided, before we could repeat the performance. “I’m… sorry about last night. I know that you aren’t very good with people, or at least I assume that that is why you spent most of the last two weeks speechless. I wanted you to know that I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. But… well…” She trailed off.

“Before I met you I’d never had anyone smile like they were happy to see me.” I told her. “Never had anyone worry about me other than in passing, never had anyone hug me, never had anyone kiss me. I don’t want you to go away, but…”

But what?

“Look,” she sat forward, “I like you a lot, but… part of the reason is that you didn’t say a word. It was so nice to meet someone who didn’t seem to want anything from me. My sister wants me to be her little sister for the rest of my life, and Kerry… I don’t know what she wants. You didn’t seem to want anything.”

“I…” I what? “I want to be normal, like a regular person. If you kissed a regular person, what would they do?”

She smiled. “Not a clue.” She admitted with ease, but continued anyway. “The way I see it, there are three options at this point, we can stop being friends, we can stay friends, or we can… I don’t know, be girlfriends.”

“I want things to stay the same.” I told her. “Things were suddenly good, suddenly simple, and now they aren’t. I want things to stay good and simple.”

“You didn’t speak for two weeks.” She said. “That must be because of what happened before you came here, and I don’t want to make things bad. I just want… I don’t know. I would rather stay friends than not, but I would rather you be my girlfriend, but I don’t… I don’t want you to just do what I want, I want you to want it too.”

I almost told her, directly, that I didn’t want it, but then I stopped, because it wasn’t true. I didn’t want it for the same reasons she did, I didn’t feel the same way, not as far as I knew at least. But I wanted it none the less.

“I want…” it was hard to get my thoughts in order, “I don’t know if I enjoyed you kissing me, I want to know if I like you like you like me, but… I’m not sure that I do. If we kissed more or did… whatever it is that girlfriends are supposed to do, I would still be making up my mind.”

“Basically you don’t know if you like me, but you are willing to find out?” Marie looked like she wasn’t sure if she appreciated this or not.

“I like you.” I told her. “I just… never liked anyone I met before.”

“I…” she stopped and thought about it and it was like I could see the things I had said fitting together in her mind. “I want you to feel about me the way I feel about you. Do you think… do you think that you might come to like me that way?”

“I don’t know.” I admitted, then looked down at my hands, then at her and back at my hands. I wanted to tell her why I didn’t know, I wanted her to know why I had no idea what it was that I should be doing. “Can you come with me? I want you to see something.”

She blinked and several options passed through her mind and were discarded as unreasonable. Judging by the look her sister gave her, Vivian was scandalised by the thoughts passing through her sister’s head.

Marie nodded and I got up from the table, having had nothing to eat. We went back to my room and I locked the door behind Marie. For a short moment my courage failed me and before I could lose my nerve completely I pulled off my hoodie, revealing that I wore nothing under it, and turned.

Marie, who had been on the verge of a blush when I disrobed, gasped, and not in a manner that indicated that her blush had manifested. Mostly I didn’t have many scars, most were in places where I had to be naked or close to for them to be seen, but the ones on my lower back were still the most vivid, even years after they had been made.

Feeling oddly exposed, oddly because I had been naked most of my time in this room, I pulled my hoodie back over my body, obscuring my nudity and past. I turned to Marie and struggled to force the words from my mouth.

“Most of my life that has been what happened to me when I showed emotion or when I showed interest, or when my parents were bored or inebriated enough.” I told her. “When I tell you that I don’t know, I really, really mean it.”

She sat down in the direction of my desk chair and fell to the floor, where she continued to stare. She opened her mouth as if to speak and managed a quiet squeak before reconsidering and leaping to her feet and, rather aggressively, wrapping her arms around me.

Again her arms around me made me feel better, though this time it wasn’t because she was, as she had said, giving me her thoughts. Just her presence had always made me feel better. That thought caught in my head.

I pulled away and looked into her face, trying to capture her attention. “I want you to tell me what you mean when you say that you like me a lot.”

She sniffed and blinked at me like she hadn’t heard, then her gaze cleared and she nodded. I wondered if she had realised why it was I wanted her to tell me. “I don’t…” she started to tell me that she didn’t know, and stopped. “When I’m around you I feel good, you know? I don’t feel like I need to fill the silence. I feel comfortable just because you are around.”

Marie obviously considered her next words. “I find you attractive. I… I like you.” She shrugged and blushed. “You interest me, I want to spend more time with you. I think about you when I should be sleeping or working. You stick in my mind.”

For a moment I felt intense panic, then I stepped closer to her and kissed her. I had no doubt I did it poorly or improperly, but I didn’t really mind at that point. “You just expressed exactly how I feel about you.” I told her, though her expression of surprise indicated that maybe she wasn’t listening as closely as I would have liked.

She blinked a couple of times. “Really?” She asked like she didn’t quite believe it.

“More than once the only reason I’ve left my room at all was because I wanted to go for a walk with you, wanted to spend time with you.” I informed her. “I think about you when I am alone, I feel better when I am around you.”

Marie kissed me again.

Doesn’t Have A Title Yet: Part 9

I was sure that my mind was blank, but that was a thought, wasn’t it? My mind was suddenly not blank and Marie was looking up at me, face completely flushed red and real fear in her eyes. I knew real fear and I knew I had to do something before she freaked out.

“That was unexpected.”

Her expression turned to one of surprise and I couldn’t help but be surprised too. I don’t know what I had planned to do, but speaking hadn’t been it. My voice was dry and quiet and sounded like I hadn’t used it for six weeks.

“Unexpected good, or unexpected bad?” she asked.

I took a deep breath, then crouched on the floor and crawled under my bed. They were coming to get me, I was suddenly sure of it. The image of the coffins tipping into the fire was stuck in my head, but it didn’t help. They were coming to get me.

Marie crouched down to look at me. “Are you alright?”

I shook my head, I was far from alright. I had spoken without my parents present, had spoken without their consent. Sure they were dead and burned but they were still coming to get me. I knew it as surely as I knew that they weren’t coming.

Marie crawled under the bed, apparently assuming that I wasn’t hiding from her, and reached out to take my hand. I let her take my hand, I didn’t do anything. They wouldn’t find us here. That’s why I was under the bed, they wouldn’t find me here.

She shifted a little further under the bed and pulled me closer to her. Then she shifted closer again and pulled me away from the wall. Small movements brought us closer and closer together until I thought she was going to kiss me again.

But she didn’t, she wrapped her arms around me. “It’s alright.” She told me, and I believed her.

In the dark and quiet underneath my bed she held me and told me that it was alright and I believed her. Except that moments ago I had been certain that they were coming to get me, certain it was far from alright. I hadn’t ever been hugged before but I was sure it shouldn’t be enough to make me believe it was alright.

Then I looked at her and I saw it, the reason that I thought it was alright. She was doing something to me, I could see it like a little string that led from the centre of her forehead to me. I had no idea what I saw but I knew that it was what was making me believe her.

“What are you doing?” I asked, somehow not afraid to speak.

“Trying to calm you down.” She smiled. It wasn’t that she was dodging the question, just that she was assuming I knew how she was doing it.

“How?” I asked.

“I…” She looked surprised and the thread snapped and my heart sped up and my breathing came faster. “I thought you knew.”


“I can… give people thoughts,” she said, “I thought you knew, I’m sorry.”

Suddenly quite a few things fell into place in my memory and started vying for attention. It was a welcome distraction. Vivian looked at me funny whenever I thought about Marie, looked at me in surprise as I watched her go up the stairs, knew I wasn’t wearing underwear.

‘… it’ll turn out she’s mute and you’ll never know what she’s thinking,’ teases Marie’s voice in my mind. ‘Must be a pain, can’t know what’s on her mind’ came with Lea’s smile. Teasing Kerry about something.

The way Lea and Dianna had known exactly how I felt when they tried to get me to play softball and later in the town. Extra pieces were added to the oddness and an impossible suggestion pushed itself into my mind.

Marie watched patiently as the revelation hit me. “You should have been told before you got here,” she said. “I don’t know why you weren’t.”

I took a deep breath in through my mouth and sighed it out through my nose, my pulse slowed a little. I did it again and again, slowing my breathing and my panicked heart and trying my very best to calm my raging mind.

“Time to come out?” Marie asked.

I seriously considered staying under the bed, but I knew that my parents were dead and gone, never coming to get me for doing something they didn’t approve of. I nodded and gestured that she should move.

Slowly we extracted ourselves and I stood stiffly, like we had been under there for a long time, and tried to brush the dust off my hoodie. It didn’t really work. Marie looked like she was going to say something, but appeared to decide against it and tried to brush her own dust off.

“I…” she paused at the doorway a moment. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Tomorrow would be Saturday. I nodded, not sure that I was being honest, and waited for the door to close behind her before I let out a breath I felt like I had been holding since she started pacing. At least that worry was resolved, I hadn’t done something wrong after all, at least I probably hadn’t.

But now I had more things to worry about.

It was no coincidence that the five people I had met so far at the school all appeared to have some sort of psychic power. It was also no coincidence that Kerry didn’t like me and Marie had just kissed me.

I didn’t want new things to worry about, but I didn’t every time get what I wanted.

Though Marie had kissed me.

Marie had kissed me.

I found it unusually easy to fall asleep and I didn’t mind when there was a knock at my door at eight in the morning. It was Karla, making good on her promise to come back this week. I looked around for some clothes to put on before realising that I was already wearing them.

“I figure we might as well do this at the door,” Karla smiled, “do you want to talk to me this week?”

I checked the corridor for anyone else. “I think so.” I said, sure that there was no one else to hear me.

She grinned, broad and honest. “Good,” she led me to the counselling room and sat down, watching me expectantly. “What do you want to talk about?”

I sat down across from her and thought about it for a moment. “Are you psychic?”

Her eyebrows raised and she smiled. “I have an psychic connection with my sister,” she admitted, “we can, at any time, talk to each other through that.”

“Marie said you should have told me.”

“I figured my sister would have.” She said, and then paused. I remembered in the car with Francesca when something indefinable had looked just a little more definable for a moment, this was the same. “She says that she wanted to let you work it out… she won’t say why.” She focused on me again. “If I’d known you didn’t know I would have told you, I’m sorry about that.”

I nodded. “Marie kissed me.” I told her.

Karla’s eyes widened and for a few seconds she opened her mouth to speak, then closed it, then tried again. “She kissed you?” she blinked, obviously caught completely off guard. “Ok, so she kissed you?”

“She did.” I confirmed. “I… you know where I came from.”

She opened her mouth to speak and then stopped and thought about what I meant. “You don’t know what to do.” She said, not a question. “Of course you’d have no idea.” She grimaced.

I didn’t say anything.

“Did you enjoy being kissed?”

I thought about it. “I was surprised.”

Doesn’t Have A Title Yet: Part 8

The second week was much the same in content as the first week had been, I went to class and sat with Marie, then I went back to my room and amused myself until dinner. After dinner I did any work I had been given that day and finished catching up on what I had missed and then I went for a walk with Marie.

As time went on I noticed something about Marie, something I had noticed last week but was much more evident this week. She talked less than I had seen her talk the previous week. She had started talking less the previous week but it was different now. Around me she would barely speak but the rest of the time she had, now she didn’t seem to.

It was, in a manner of speaking, my fault that Marie had started to speak less and both Kerry and Vivian seemed to take issue with it. But I found that not only did I not particularly care what they took issue with, I greatly enjoyed spending time in silence with Marie. In general I enjoyed spending time with Marie.

It was Thursday when something happened, I knew it the moment I saw Marie leaning against the archway that night. She was tense, her smile was pinched like she wasn’t sure she should be happy to see me. Something was wrong.

I didn’t know what to do, of course I didn’t, no one had ever cared when something was wrong with me so how could I know what I should do. So I did what I had seen people do, I still wouldn’t speak so I could only  act.

Lightly I touched her on the shoulder and tried my best to look worried, though I wasn’t sure how to look worried. For a moment she looked back like she wasn’t sure, like maybe she shouldn’t tell me. Then she sighed.

“There is something up with Kerry,” she told me, going through the gate ahead of me. And so we did not walk in silence, she spoke and I listened to her. I doubted I would be of any use, but still I listened, just in case.

Kerry had been acting odd for a while, since even before I arrived, but it was like I had exacerbated the problem. She paused to explain the word exacerbate. Obviously it wasn’t my fault, she made this clear to me, but I seemed to have had an effect on the girl.

Marie had finally gotten fed up with the girl acting strange and had asked what was wrong, and Kerry had finally relented, she didn’t mention what Kerry had relented to, and said that it was me. I was the problem, I was why she was acting weird. She said that Marie was spending too much time with me, starting to act like me.

What right did Kerry have to tell Marie what to do?

The girl took a deep breath and sighed heavily. “Thanks for listening.” She said with an air of finality. She didn’t speak after that, and I didn’t think she wanted to either, she wanted to think about it, so we walked in silence the rest of the way. It wasn’t the usual, comfortable, silence though.

She almost walked straight into the front door, paying her surroundings almost no attention. She only stopped because I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her backwards a little. Then she lost her balance and fell backwards against me.

“Sorry.” She apologised immediately and blushed. Quickly she opened the door and started up the steps, a little way ahead of me.

I followed more slowly, letting her get ahead of me, and when I reached our floor she had already reached her bedroom. The door closed loudly behind her in the silence and with growing concern I entered my own room.

Had I done something I shouldn’t have? Should I have let her run into the door? Should I have ignored her upset? Should I have done something differently? With a sigh to match Marie’s earlier I pulled off my clothes and lay down on the floor.

But I couldn’t get to sleep, even away from the comforting bed. I just lay there and worried that I had done something wrong. It wasn’t like I knew anything about people, not really, I didn’t know how to comfort someone or how to… anything.

I don’t know what time it was when I got to sleep, but when the alarm sounded I knew that I hadn’t been asleep long enough. I was still worried, but the only way I would ever learn how to interact with people was by interacting with them.

That morning Vivian looked like she was going to speak to me as she passed me on the stairs, but chose not to. Marie was sitting alone, at a different table. Kerry sat by herself where they usually sat, watching Marie.

For a moment I didn’t know what to do, and then Marie smiled her smile at me and waved and, under a dark look from Kerry, I sat down across from Marie. Her smile changed a little before fading into a frown.

“Sorry about last night,” she said, quietly, “I kind of ran off, didn’t I?”

I wasn’t sure if I should tell the truth, nod, or shake my head like nothing had happened. But I wanted to know what had happened. So I nodded. She sighed and looked down at her hands and seemed to think very hard for a few moments on what to say.

“I’m sorry,” she kept looking at her hands. “I was just upset about Kerry and you grabbed me and I got kind of… flustered.”

I didn’t get it, and I wasn’t convinced that she was telling me the truth. There was something that she didn’t want to tell me. I wanted to know what it was, but I was hardly going to just ask her, and what if it was something that I had done?

So I nodded and started on my breakfast, sure that I was just as obviously dishonest as she was. She didn’t say anything else as we ate. She didn’t say anything during classes, didn’t say anything during lunch. Didn’t speak at all.

It wasn’t that silence was unusual as we spent our day together, but it wasn’t a comfortable silence that day, wasn’t a companionable thing. It was awkward, she didn’t speak because she didn’t know what to say.

For once I was first to arrive at the gate. It was quiet in the dark by myself, the silence was calming on my worries. I was still worried that I had done something the previous night that had lead to Marie not wanting to talk to me.

And the longer I waited the more sure I was that I had done something, she wasn’t coming. She was going to leave me out there in the cold rather than tell me what was going on. What, then, should I do?

I decided to go for a walk regardless of whether Marie was there or not and then turned on my heel and walked back into the building and up to my room.

And there she was, sitting in front of my bedroom door, waiting for me. She looked up at me and half smiled like she was happy to see me but not happy that she had to go through with whatever she had decided to do.

I stopped and for a moment considered my options, then I unlocked the door and gestured her inside, resisting the urge to disrobe. I stood awkwardly for a moment before taking a deep breath and sitting on the bed.

She pulled the chair out of my desk and sat down, and I couldn’t help but recall the numerous times that I had sat naked in that chair. A strong desire to make her get off the chair came to me but I forced it from my mind and focused on the confused looking young woman before me.

“Um…” she tried, looking away from her feet. “I… want to tell you something.”

She stood and paced two steps towards the door and for a moment I feared she would run away, then she turned and paced to the back of the room. Then she turned again and kept on pacing the small room, back and forth before me.

“The thing is…” she admitted, stopping before me. But she just stood there, mouth slightly open, for a few moments before resuming her pacing.

“It’s just that…” she didn’t stop pacing.

I stood and physically stopped her, my hands on her arms, facing one another. She stared up into my face and the expression there was completely foreign to me. And then she did something that I might have expected had I know anything about people.

She stretched up onto her toes and kissed me, square on the lips.

A thought I just had

I don’t really like to post about myself past a certain point, but something just occurred to me.

Some months ago I was diagnosed with asperges syndrome, not an issue in itself, but the whole deal has been reclassified recently as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD for short) and it just occurred that it should bother me to have a mental disorder. I am not crazy, just a little unusual, so I feel that I shouldn’t have a disorder. None of my friends who are like me have a disorder.
I just feel like it shouldn’t be called a disorder, though I suppose it technically is. There is something unusual about my brain, something unusual being fairly the definition of a disorder.

Just a thought.

Doesn’t Have A Title Yet: Part 7

“You alright?” the voice was masculine and sounded legitimately concerned. I sat up from where I lay under a tree somewhere quite a distance from the busses and saw a young man with short blonde hair and the look of someone who preyed on girls.

I leapt to my feet and backed away from him, running into the tree I had been sitting under and nodded, quickly assessing escape routes. He didn’t seem to catch on to my mood. “You’re from that school, yeah?” he asked, stepping forward.

I stepped to the side, over a root, and moved another step away from him, nodding.

He stepped after me again. “Are there really only girls there?” he asked.

I nodded, stepping away from him again. A hand touched my shoulder and I would have probably screamed if the owner hadn’t appeared in my field of view at the same time. It was Diana, still wearing her smile.

“Found you,” she pointed out. “We’ve been looking for you.”

“Hey…” the boy didn’t get any further when Diana looked away from me at him. I couldn’t see her expression but he looked like he was trying to decide between wetting himself and running away. In the end he chose the latter. “Whatever.” He turned and walked off.

“We haven’t really been looking,” Diana admitted, “though Marie seemed concerned about something now that I think about it. That line just usually makes the dudes back off, then comes the glaring.”

“She’s had practice,” Lea’s voice came from behind us and I turned to find the girl staring intently at her phone. “She’s good at driving people away.”

Diana cuffed her and they both smiled, glancing at me before starting away from the park I had been lounging in. With a look over my shoulder at the boy who had just accosted me and his group of laughing friends I followed them.

I wasn’t totally sure that I had had my fill of being alone yet, but I also wasn’t sure that I wanted to be alone in a place that I had had no experience with. I didn’t know what was around here, who was around here, and I didn’t want to get lost or… something. I’d never actually been lost in my life, maps just appeared in my mind as I explored, so it wasn’t that I was afraid of being lost, more afraid of being separated from everyone else, it was the people rather than the place.

So I tailed Diana and Lea for a while, until they met more of their friends, and finally I started having a proper look around. I still had the list in my mind of what I wanted to buy, or at least do. I decided that it was time to do something that I wanted to do.

First on the list was clothes, there was a reason I spent almost all my time wearing just the hoodie, it was the only piece of clothing I had ever bought myself. It was also the first secret I had ever kept from my parents.

Clothes turned out to be way more expensive than I remembered, and I came away with a t-shirt and some underwear and a pair of pants, all of which I wore out of the store, throwing away what I had been wearing, except, obviously, for my hoodie.

It was nearly three in the afternoon when I ran into Marie again, assessing my choice of pizza I heard the door open behind me and turned to find Marie and Kerry. Marie’s face went from worried to happy to worried again. Worried that something had happened to happy that I was alright to worried that I would run away again.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

I shook my head and smiled, intending to indicate that she need not worry, but either the message was not clear or she chose to worry anyway. Her expression became more like concern and she gave me a closer look.

“Diana told me that she had rescued you from Adam, but didn’t know where you had gone,” she gave me a look of concern.

I shrugged, though I remembered needing rescuing.

“I suppose if you don’t speak you can’t say no,” Kerry muttered, before seeming to realise what she had just said. “Sorry.”

“Anyway,” Marie visibly cast aside her concern and looked at the menu above the counter. “What are you going to get?”

I pointed and she leaned close to me to see where I pointed, making my heart speed up. “Meat lovers?” she smiled. “You want to split a large?”

In truth I wanted to eat an entire large by myself, but according the menu I couldn’t afford that, so I nodded and turned to the drink fridge. I had no idea what most of the things in the fridge were, so I picked orange juice quite easily.

Kerry gave me the look that she had for me, that subtly informed me that I had just trodden on whatever plans she happened to have had. Mostly I didn’t understand her concern, it wasn’t like I had known Marie longer or was the one who made Marie decide to do things with me.

We ordered, or Marie and Kerry ordered and I stood nearby while this happened, offering money when it was asked for. We sat in a booth, one of three unoccupied, and ate in silence, which Kerry appeared to think was my fault.

“You didn’t like the movie?” Kerry eventually broke the silence, to a look of admonishment from Marie. “You left before it got good.”

I wondered for a few moments how to respond to that, I hadn’t had any issue with the movie itself, not that I had cared for it either, the movie had nothing to do with why I had run off. Eventually I shrugged and kept eating pizza.

After pizza we wandered around the town and the map slowly formed in my mind. We walked in silence, Marie and I shoulder to shoulder as we walked in the evenings and Kerry alternately ahead of us and trailing behind.

I could see that the older girl was getting progressively more irritated as we walked and Marie paid me more attention than she paid her. There was nothing I could do about it though, short of running away, and I didn’t feel so much like running as I had before, wearing clothes I had bought myself and full of food that was unhealthy.

My calm had returned, not the studied calm my parents had forced on me, my own calm. I was not in danger here, with Marie, I did not need to protect myself. At least not in the way that I normally would have.

I didn’t recall being told what time to go back to the busses but it was like at breakfast when everyone seemed to get some sort of signal I was missing, Marie and Kerry just turned around and started toward the busses.

We arrived in time to become part of the crowd that wasn’t much like a crowd and within a couple of minutes we were on our way back to school and the outing was over. This time Marie sat beside me and Kerry, giving me a dark look, sat in front of us.

It seemed like I had upset Kerry today, though I wasn’t totally sure why, certainly I had spent time with Marie, but so had she. I spend most of most days at school with Marie without upsetting Kerry, so what made today different?

Marie and I sat in silence, staring out the window, as the bus moved, and Kerry fidgeted in front of us, a strong desire to speak with Marie evident in her manner. My presence disturbed her plans, that was the problem she had with me.

Once back at the school I left Marie and Kerry to their own devices and retreated back to my room, stripping and lying down on the floor again. I lay there with my eyes closed and took several deep breaths before getting up and opening one of the text books on my desk.

A knock came at the door, Kerry stood without. I got dressed and opened it, eyebrow raised. “I have been instructed to apologise for my behaviour today,” she informed me. “I had plans and your presence disturbed them, but I should not have behaved as I did and I am sorry.” It looked like it almost pained her to have to say so, I knew who had instructed her to come, just like I knew that what she said was almost exactly what she had been told to say.

I nodded, more acknowledgement than acceptance and she paused a moment, then nodded in return and turned on her heel. I closed the door behind her and returned to catching up on my schoolwork, trying not to be concerned.

Doesn’t Have A Title Yet: Part 6

I woke feeling rested and nearly content for the first time since my leg had been broken and I had had to be sedated, some six years before. The mattress was soft and the covers were just warm enough that I wasn’t really sure that I wanted to get up.

Then whoever was at my door knocked again and I was woken completely. With a sigh I rolled from my bed and pulled on my hoodie. At the door was Marie and her sister, so I opened it with a raised eyebrow.

“It just occurred to us that you probably don’t know,” Vivian didn’t look like she was quite happy that it had occurred to them, “but on Sunday mornings we go into town for most of the day. You may have to put more clothes on.”

Of course I would need more clothes, I was naked under here.

“Underwear would be a good start,” Vivian told me. “The busses leave in ten minutes.”

Marie smiled a little and they started down the hall towards the stairs. I closed the door and quickly dressed, splashing some water in my face in an attempt to wake myself up some more, which only succeeded in making me damp. I was halfway down the stairs before it occurred to me that without any money, at least none that I could access, I would have very little to do in town.

Though I would likely still get to spend time with Marie. Outside the dorm building was something of a crowd, though there was no jostling and very little crowd-like behaviour. As with everything that the students had to do in a group they seemed quite organised without any visible organisation.

I found myself standing behind a group of girls, which included Vivian, who were all talking a little louder that was really necessary and laughing and apparently being excited. It was odd to me the difference between the twins, there Vivian stood, in the centre of the group, smiling and laughing and enthusing with the rest, appearing to enjoy herself greatly. But in front of the group Marie complained to Kerry about the girls behind them.

People had always interested me, I hadn’t had much opportunity to interact with them, hadn’t had much opportunity to be one of them, so had taken everyone opportunity to observe. People were all different, no matter how similar they appeared.

Vivian was a prime example of this, she performed her part perfectly, laughing and enthusing and grinning and talking more than anyone else. But when I looked at her all I saw was that she was acting, I could see an actor there, portraying a part that she was very good at.

It was like she knew I was wondering about her, Vivian’s eyes snapped to me and for a moment I saw concern on her face before she smiled and pushed past her friends to guide me through the group to stand on the other side with Marie and Kerry.

Kerry looked as happy as ever to see me, not so much unhappy as just slightly less happy than she had been moments before. Marie smiled at me a little, but I could tell she was still curious about the previous evening and what Vivian had said to me.

Behind me Vivian’s friends were curious about what had just happened, all apparently quite invested in anything their leader did. I tuned them out in time to find that the conversation between Kerry and Marie had apparently ceased. Kerry was obviously of the opinion that this was my fault.

After another couple of minutes of queuing we reached the bus that the younger half of the school was packing into and found that the driver was Francesca, wearing a bright and genuine looking smile.

“Nice to see you again Alice,” she smiled. “I’ll need a word with you before you get off the bus, alright?”

I nodded and followed Marie deeper into the bus, sitting behind her and Kerry with an empty seat beside me. There were seventy six seats in the bus and when the doors closed there were sixty three people, not including Francesca.

The bus ride took about an hour and a half, and everyone excitedly filed out of the bus, I waited as everyone else got off the bus before I approached Francesca, who was fiddling with something under her seat. With a shout of triumph that startled me she extracted a messenger bag and opened it up.

“Since you can’t get access to the money your parents left you for another two years,” she pulled out a wallet. “We will give you some money every time we come out here.” She handed me a hundred dollars. “Since the welfare system, in an attempt to compensate for their utter failure with your parents, is paying for your education with us, we can afford to give everyone who doesn’t have money of their own some spending money.”

Regardless of how much they were charging for my education I was surprised that they would give teenage girls so much money to spend on whatever they wanted. Or at least I assumed it was whatever we wanted, since neither Francesca or Karla, the only two adults who were with us, made any move to keep an eye on us.

The moment I realised that I had just been given a fair amount of money, at least the most I had ever had at any one time, and released to do whatever I wanted with it my mind flashed with the myriad possibilities and I stopped where I stood.

“The novelty wears off,” Marie assured me, steering me off the road.

I stared at her, how could the novelty wear off? How could this be normal to anyone? I suddenly understood why everyone had been so excited about coming here. Maybe they weren’t all excited for the same thing, I wasn’t like people, but I was likely not alone in my joy.

That didn’t mean that I wouldn’t enjoy it, only that I needed a list of priorities. First would be…

“You lot want to come to the cinema with us?” Vivian’s voice interrupted my list.

Marie and Kerry looked at each other and shrugged before Marie glanced at me and the cinema appeared at the top of my list. I had seen a cinema once, but never been inside. I knew what a movie was, but I’d never seen one.

I nodded emphatically.

The inside of the building was dark and within was a large electronic board with words and times, presumably the names of movies and when they were playing. I had no idea what any of the names meant or what any of the movies were about, but I suspected that it didn’t really matter.

We ended up picking a movie with a title like ‘hard to kill 9′. There were twenty eight girls from our school in there along with five or six other people around my age who weren’t from our school and who sat at some distance from us.

It was like a miracle to me, I’d been near television so it wasn’t like I didn’t know what was happening but it was still like a miracle. The people on the screen were actors, portraying roles that were as poorly defined as they were poorly executed but that wasn’t the miracle. The miracle was that everyone in that cinema enjoyed themselves, girls threw popped corn kernels at each other and the screen and people had fun.

I just sat there, still like the eye of the storm, and wondered what my life would have been like if my parents had never been released, if I had gone into foster care, or even come to this school some years before. I wondered what I could have been like.

And then I had to get up and walk out of the cinema, much to the apparent surprise and interest of the nine or so girls sitting near enough to notice. For a moment I thought I had escaped but then Marie came out of the cinema after me and it turned out I was wrong.

As much as I enjoyed Marie’s company, I didn’t want anyone’s company at that particular moment. I didn’t want to be near any people at that moment so I did the rational thing and ran away. I literally ran from the building, ignoring Marie calling after me.

I had no idea where I could possibly be going, where I was, or what was around there, but I had to run away. I had to be alone, away from all these people who were acting just like people ought to act. I needed to get away.


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